Electrical Services

We make all electrical services as small as large. From replacing the lamp, socket after rewire and wiring the whole house. We are not afraid of any tasks entrusted to us. We have qualified electricians as well as materials of good quality which are checked and we can give good guarantees on all our small and large works.

In addition, we offer fire alarm, CCTV monitoring, LED lighting, emergency lighting, burglar alarm.

IT Installation

IT installation is the installation of a computer network used in offices and homes. This is the installation of cabling for phones, network printers, internet, etc, etc.

Built-in Vacuum System

Central Vacuum System is an installation for people with allergies and 100% clean house without dust. As you know with traditional vacuum cleaner everything that we did it was a few hours ago the dust fell back, with the built-in system of vacuum cleaners this problem is not because all the dust is stored in one and the remnants are expelled outside. What guarantees us 100% clean house and ulge for allergy sufferers. The vacuum cleaner unit is installed in the outermost location from the residential area, beneath the scooter, basement, utility room, garage.

Zone partner

Zone partner is intended for cooperating with the company Vacuflo and provides access to technical documentation and research necessary in business. You from all current price lists. In order to obtain the password to access the area, please contact us at the Marketing Department Vacuflo: marketing@vacuflo.co.uk


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