Hide A Hose

Hide-A-Hose to hide in the wall 9, 12 and even 15 meters of hose, which is available at any time. Moreover, after the completion of cleaning vases retracts to the installation. This is because it drives the suction force generated by the central vacuum with cyclonic filtration.

Currently on sale is the second generation of the system – Hide a hose 2 (HaH2), in this version, the system got some important improvements that have improved the appearance and use of the system. More about the new system you will find at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to a specially made installation of suction hose is stored in the pipe inside the wall. To vacuum hose pull out the right amount, and then by a rotary lever located in the slot blocking its location. This is necessary because otherwise the hose when vacuuming could cut back. Then, using a pull-red lever comprised within the seat switch on the vacuum cleaner. There are still connect the handle with the suction pipe ending with a brush and cleaning can begin.

Very light and flexible hose is pre-coated with a special sliding cover so that when vacuuming no danger of scratching the furniture or the floor. After the cleaning simply detach the handle and suck snake back into the system, then we can move on to the next slot and repeat the operation.

One slot inlet Hide-A-Hose 15 meter hose can we easily provides a surface cleaning up to 200m 2. The system is ideal for installation in already existing homes as long snake is less suction sockets, and therefore less the amount of rework required (which involves forging walls). In addition, the vacuum generated by the vacuum unit during the retraction of the hose clears the surface, so that the cover will always look like new.
Hide-A-Hose is now a novelty in the UK, which is already at least 10 years of successfully installed in many countries around the world.

The characteristics and advantages of Hide-A-Hose

  • Up to 15 meters retractable hose wall, which allows to clean the surface of at least 200m² one slot.
  • Using Hide-A-Hose avoids the cumbersome handling and storage of suction hose reel
  • Easy and quick access at any time to the suction hose, with the outlet hose can be extended as much as we need at the moment to clean the dirt.
  • The vacuum generated by the vacuum unit during the suction hose to the installation allows to keep clean the hose cover.
  • Can be installed in most new build and existing homes and apartments.
  • Longer hose is less suction socket in the building, which translates into savings in time and effort during installation.
  • Great for those who like to take care of your home.

All original hoses will be equipped with the new connector Mini Cuff. It will be added to each hose, handle, or sold separately. This change will allow the use of a hose directly to the brush.

Two types of suction hoses

wąż do centralnego odkurzacza

Hose without cover, made with PVC -SOFT TOUCH allows you to achieve a higher quality than the standard set of cleaning. This solution allows the use of the weaker units and faster intake hose.

wąż do centralnego odkurzacza

Hose cover made of EVA is the most popular solution to prevent any chafing and makes the hose is pleasant to the touch. Choosing the unit is carried out according to standard recommendations of the manufacturer.

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