Installation components for central vacuum

In our offer we have all the materials necessary for the installation, both traditional and system Hide-A-Hose. Elements of installation offered by us are products of renowned Polish and foreign companies such as CANPLAS (VACULINE) PLASTIFLEX and USTM. These brands guarantee the highest quality products. We do not use installation materials of unknown origin, with no specified manufacturer or country of origin.

We have a wide range of color and design to suction sockets, casting scoops and automatic.

Suction sockets to the central vacuum cleaner

Suction sockets are the only element of the system of central vacuuming visible in living areas even when you do not use a vacuum cleaner. If suitably selected to be the appearance of the interior, not conspicuous and does not spoil the decor.

The number and arrangement of suction sockets must be planned in such a way that, when connected to a hose which could clean the whole house, including utility room, WC, stairs to the first floor and entrance, and – if it is – a terrace in front of the house. The fewer, the installation of central vacuum system may be simpler, and thus cheaper and. But do not overdo it, because then you have to use a very long snake (the longest is 15 m and it can even extend), and it can be uncomfortable.

In a detached house, depending on its size is generally installed between two and four slots. One of which shall operate from 50 to 100 m2. They are placed close to the floor in places where there will be obscured by furniture and are easily accessible.

The types of sockets suction


Dimensions of the cavity to 9 cm x 12 cm. Socket can be mounted on both the universal mounting plate and rectangular. Slot perfectly covers the holes in the wall, and thanks to its simplicity and color gained a large crowd of customers in Poland and in the world. Seal covering the inlet.


Modern square socket suction produced by Leovac. Available in 5 colors. Dimensions of the cavity of 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm. Fits square mounting plate.


Produced in the European Union elegant suction outlet with dimensions 9.2 cm x 8.5 cm. Fits square mounting plate.

Auto scoops

Many investors when planning the installation of central vacuum is considering its expansion with additional components. An example of popular accessories are automatically scoops.

Their popularity can be explained by the relatively low price of installation, a wide choice of models and colors and versatile application and the possibility of installation in a wall or pedestal furniture. Another big advantage is their simplicity of design, which significantly prolongs their lifespan and virtually rules out faults that may occur during everyday use.

Scoops automatic like socket suction are available in many colors and types, so each investor will offer something for everyone.

Viewing following models scoops automatic:



The simplest and the most reliable model in the range, suitable for mounting in the base of furniture.


The sleek design, the two front height and offers the only problematic without the possibility of installing the wall – are the main advantages of scoops Leovac. Available in 9 colors, 2 heights scoops – 7,9cm and 9.8 cm.


The latest scoop on offer, the highest quality, produced in the US by INTERVAC .. Very convenient switching system scoops by raising the flap, which works incredibly light thanks to a magnet. The only scoop the market having LED lighting!

Available in 3 colors – white, cream and black.


All fittings manual Vaculine are produced in Canada. PVC material, which are made elements of the installation VACULINE exhibits an unusually high resistance to mechanical damage that may occur during long-term use of the central vacuum cleaning – because the manufacturer offers on it until a 25-year warranty. In the manufacture of pipes and fittings do not apply any fillers, and the materials used are not derived from recycling. This results in an unprecedented resistance to shock and abrasion. Vaculine is a member of ASTM – a world leader in setting quality standards in products in the construction industry. That’s why we make sure that each produced fitting and the pipe is of the highest quality.

elementy instalacji centralnego odkurzacza


To build the installation of central vacuum cleaning using special plumbing tube with a diameter of 2 “. These tubes are made from PVC, which has excellent durability. The pipes are electrostatic. The wall thickness should hover around 1.8-1.9 mm so as to perfectly rip the rant fittings, and do not cause protruding warrants of the installation where zbierałyby the dirt. too thick pipe installation is also a mistake!

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