VACUFLO MAXAIR® – maximum utilization of vacuum from the first to the last day of action.


In these vacuum cleaners use a patented method of cyclonic filtration stages CFT ™, involving the separation of impurities from the spinning air stream without the use of additional filters and bags impurities. In the case of this type of unit support is limited to the minimum – dumping garbage every 5-7 months.

This is what allows us to distinguish Vacuflo MAXAIR is confident that after a month or a year of use, we have a constant power of the device. No zapychającego the filter also it works very favorably on the life of individuals. With this solution 7 year or longer warranty to become a reality in the products, which are sure the products are of the highest quality which is contained in the company’s mission Vacuflo.

Transparent tank helps us to monitor the level of pollution but also meets one important role in the use of the unit. Anyone who buys a product through the company can design a bucket observe the power filtration CFT, see creating a vortex in a container on pollution and garbage attracted to him (most manufacturers only writes about cyclonic filtration – in units VACUFLO MAXAIR® we can see the effect themselves). This is an extremely intelligent solution applied only in units Vacuflo.

The company uses in its products there are currently only products of the American company AMETEK – one of the largest and most modern manufacturers of electric motors. With the vast amount of patents and customized solutions we are able to enjoy the reliability of equipment.

The control device is the simplest and friendly that we can find on the market. Our technologists in cooperation with distributors decided not to introduce at the moment Solutions LED / DISPLAY / LIQUID REGULATORY because such solutions translate into a negative impact on not failure and the effectiveness of the system. This is an old proven solution that allows you to enjoy the use of many years.


Currently the longest-acting individual Vacuflo is 38 years old and continue operating as it already uses next generation of buyers.




American motor Tangential By-Pass with separate cooling




In this unit, the method uses cyclonic filtration stages CFT ™, whereby separation of impurities from the swirling flow of air.

What is true cyclonic dirt separation CFT ™?

True cyclonic filtration CFT ™ is an effective separation of impurities without the filters or bags. Sucked at the time of cleaning the air is introduced in the central unit to spin and directed downwards.

true cyclonic zasada działania

At the cone cyclonic a reduction in the radius of gyration air flow, which increases the centrifugal force acting on pollution. Above the reservoir on contamination following substitutions turbulent air flow direction of the swirl down the line in the direction of the turbine. Under the influence of centrifugal force and inertial force of the contaminants are precipitated from the swirling flow air into the reservoir through the turbine and the air is expelled outside. The effectiveness of this method is 96-98%. This is possible due to the patented method of true cyclonic filtration CFT ™

Specifications MAXAIR® – version only as TC

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