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Vroom vacuum cleaner – central unit

Innovative design solutions used in these models allowed the combination of the effect of cyclonic filtration CFT ™ with an inverted self-cleaning filter the EcoClean ™, which acts as a secondary separator.

An inverted filter is made of polyester fibers covered with a layer of teflon, which prevents adhesion to it of impurities.

The combination of these two methods allows for unparalleled filtration efficiency by eliminating operational costs and minimizing the maintenance work of the vacuum cleaner. With proper use, self-cleaning filter never needs replacing.

By using the transparent container to avoid contamination of the detaching inconvenient to check the level of impurities.




American motor Tangential By-Pass with separate cooling



In this unit, the method uses cyclonic filtration stages CFT ™, whereby separation of impurities from the swirling flow of air.



It is made of polyester fibers covered with a layer of Teflon, which prevents sticking to its pollution.

  • Suction slot in the housing to allow the vacuum cleaner to clean up to the room in which the individual
  • 5 year warranty on the unit Vroom
  • Transparent bucket for garbage, which must be emptied 3-4 times a year
  • Self-cleaning bag reversed – no need to clean it
vacuflo element filtracja

At the cone cyclonic a reduction in the radius of gyration air flow, which increases the centrifugal force acting on pollution. Above the reservoir on contamination following substitutions turbulent air flow direction of the swirl down the line in the direction of the turbine. Under the influence of centrifugal force and inertial force of the contaminants are precipitated from the swirling flow air into the reservoir through the turbine and the air is expelled outside. The effectiveness of this method is 96-98%. This is possible due to the patented method of true cyclonic filtration CFT ™

Specifications Vroom
Maximum current ( A )6,37,58,0
Underpressure [kPa]*31,7536,7539
Efficiency [l/s][m3/h]**58(210)59(212)65(230)
Suction power [AirWatt]***575625750
Suction power [AirWatt – EU ]590660800
Tank capacity [l]232323
Weight [ kg]141518
Number of turbine stages222
Max. length of installation 405575
House size [m2]280460740
Max. number of slots sucking5914
Warranty [years]555

* The actual ability of the device

** This parameter applies to the entire unit with filtration

***ASTM recognizes air as air watts of power and is defined as “above the floor cleaning potential.”

AirWatt – EU – the estimated value to the companies report without using the ASTM standard

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