Cartridges Vroom

VROOM a cassette tray with a suction hose suitable for mounting in any installation of central vacuum. The most common place for its installation is the cabinet under the sink in the kitchen, it can, however, be installed in all intensively used rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, vestibules, closets, pantries, garages, etc. The device is good at all the loose dirt, such as sand, small broken glass, pieces of bread, cereals, sugar, flour, detergent, pet food and other. VROOM is an invaluable help in the daily routine duties, which will save us from any troublesome dirt, and when finished cleaning hose under the effect of the suction force generated by the CPU, he sucks up to the tank and cleaning over. The toner suction hose can be nicely mounted practically within each cabinet, so that upon opening the door is always in place ready for use.

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Features and Benefits cassette VROOM

  • It is always in place ready for use
  • This allows us to avoid handling, winding and unwinding a portable suction hose during routine duties, making cleaning a fast, easy and convenient.
  • Designed to remove any contaminants not only contained on the floor.
  • Simple to use, has an automatic start / stop.
  • It comes in 2 variants hose length – 5.5 m and 7.3 m.
  • After finishing the cleaning suction hose retracts into the cassette.
  • Easy to install, compatible with all systems, central vacuum.
  • Invaluable assistance in daily routine cleaning.
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